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Xivio Rules/Safety Policy

  1. No bad words (bad words are defined as ones in our filter) on any portion of the site or game

  2. No flooding, flooding is sending messages so fast as that it's hard for people to keep up with them (example: messages in paragraphs or one worded chat bubbles)

  3. No bad, insulting, rude or inappropriate content will be accepted on XivioWorld, we have the right to delete it from the site without notice and to freeze or close your account.

  4. No cheating/hacking/exploiting

  5. Don't give out personal information such as your hometown, school, or full name

  6. No account sharing! Never EVER give your password to ANYONE but your parents.

  7. No linking to any outside websites

  8. Staff have the final word on any moderation decisons made, if you believe one was made unfairly, email support

  9. Keep your font readable in the game

  10. No dating or talking about dating

  11. No stealing other users items (aka scamming)

We can see your messages, so keep it clean and friendly!