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Xivio has closed

Created by Gavin Conrad, funded by David Wisotzky, Xivio opened on April 15th 2006 and has been running ever since. In 2011 it shut down for a small time and then was given to me, Bubby4j. We've had lots of great memories and laughs, but sadly it's time for Xivio to come to an end. On January 11th 2014, 3PM CST, Xivio closed.

I wish it wasn't so, but Xivio was less popular than in the past. So many other games have come along with innovative features using new technologies, and there just isn't room for Xivio any more. It was state of the art when it opened, but now it uses many legacy technologies. I've learned so much from this experience, and I want to thank all of you, the users, for playing Xivio, Gavin & David for the opportunity of letting me help with the development of the game, and Winter & CountrySprite (Joie & Rose) for helping make Xivio what it was.

For history's sake, the homepage of Xivio is still below.

Thank you and goodbye,

Hey There!

Welcome to Xivio, the FREE 3D Virtual World for kids! Create your own Avatar, chat, collect rare items, get an apartment, invite friends! All fun, safe, and FREE!

Vios are what we call our money in the 3D Chat World called Xivio. Why do you need them? Well they let you buy cool stuff in the Xivio Catalog. How do you get them? Simple. Just use Xivio! The more time you spend in Xivio the more Vio you get! You can also invite your friends to join Xivio FREE and earn even more Vio!