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I just wanted to say that I'm so thankful for discovering Xivio on December 14, 2007. Xivio was the start to my internet addiction. Ok Club Penguin let's get real now. But I can still remember to this day my first look at Xivio's homepage and some moments from my first time in-world. I was on the hunt for a virtual world and this one was definitely spot on. I didn't know it at first.. but I eventually found myself logging in repeatedly. There was something to it that couldn't keep me away and it didn't take long for me to get hooked. Joining and playing with my friend in real made it even more of an awesome thing. I definitely found it odd and a bit confusing at first, but it just took some time to get the good vibe from it and I'm certain it was like that for most users. As I launched the world for the first time, I think the first room I entered actually was the fountain. There was loads of people. I then remember being in a shop and a user was accusing me of something.. Can't seem to put my finger on it.. But I found it really weird and it gave me a nervous feeling. I then was in a zoo room later on and a user named "Mileycyrus1234" helped me out a bit.. and I'm almost sure I met Tasha that day from entering one of her rooms. That's all I can really remember from my first day but at least it's not all completely forgotten. Overtime, Xivio became my main priority. I recall always going swimming in my old complex and all that would be on my mind the whole time was Xivio. I couldn't wait to get back home and instantly log on. The same goes for school... So many people know what that's like lol. Anyways, I've met and talked with such good people from this and I couldn't be more appreciative. There's been tons of good times I've had and I will never forget those memories. My childhood was amazing because of this game and I couldn't of asked for a better one to be apart of. It's always been a bit more than just a game to me... It's like my 2nd home to be honest. Xivio helped me out with a lot of things whether it was people giving me family advice, allowing me to get my mind off of things, and really just having some friends that I knew wouldn't judge me on some things. It was really easy for me to be myself here and was so easy to run to when I was having problems in the real world. You guys have made it so special and you don't understand how much I will miss you. I can't put into words how much I actually care about this game. It's been such a long ride and I'm honored to of stuck around all this time. It was definitely worth it with all the friends, laughs, and fun that came out of it. There might of been some ups and downs but hey it happens. I'll still always think of Xivio as the best experience I've had from an online game and I will never forget the people who will allow me to remember it that way. Thanks for everything guys I LOVE YOU :)