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go get tested kids
2:17 AM
India: Soooo
India: Jake
Yawn: ya
India: Are you messaging my ex?
India: Like whats good?
Yawn: maybe
Pacific: back off InDiA!
India: You can have him
India: Honestly
Pacific: im too good for u anyway
India: Hes been through eveybody on Xivio
India: You might wanna go to the Xivio clinic
Pacific: WOW
Pacific: OMG LMAO
India: Like asap
Bit 'Bout Me
9:54 AM
Hi; most of you may know me.

-My name is Justin ; I am 14.
-I am addicted to Demi Lovato
-But, I love Shawn more.
-I try to be there for people, so if you ever need me I'm there
-I'm taking singing and guitar lessons
-Life Dream: Singing with Demi Lovato o k
-I like Hollister, AE outfitters, Adidas, and Sperrys
-If you ever need to talk outside of xivio, private message me your number.
-I suck at Algebra
-I am a pervert I consider but in real life I am very quiet and shy.
-I suffer from depression, social anxiety, and anxiety. .--.
-My best friends are Shawn, Maria, and Kelley.
-Latin guys <3
-Favorite drink is Dr. Pepper; favorite color is blue (it differs)
-Skype? username: bobbypacifics****

img 2092

Thats Me! c;