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only sort of afk
7:29 PM
uni work is piling up hard on top of having a job so like i'm here and will try to chat but mainly i'm on other tabs doing uni work <3
bubby be roastin tonight
7:04 PM
Lauren: kaitlyn threatened my life
Lauren: ban her
Bubby4j: I feel like I should make her staff for that lauren
jen is trying to steal my biscuits :(
12:39 PM
Jen: wot did you bbuy
Nick: Biscuits, 2 boxes of cereal, £10 of gas and a carton of oat milk
Jen: can I have your biscuits
Nick: Uhm but I want to eat them myself
Jen: no
xivio > real life
5:55 PM
Lauren: i come on here and i can definitely tell people are more invested w/ whats going on in xivio than irl and its wild

Nick: I'm more invested in Xivio bc spending vio gives me the pleasure of retail therapy w/out breaking my wallet lmao

Laura: same

Bubby4j: I should use that as a quote on the homepage nick
4:57 PM
shoved another tattoo in my photos check if out if you fancie
dear lauren
4:40 PM
stop making ur tea in the microwave please use a kettle
an electric kettle.
its 2020.

2:46 PM
pls give me ur dingos i love them and its an important project thanks

5:13 PM
click my photos to see my pokemon tat

1:20 PM
i love baked beans and cigarettes

2:40 PM
married to gracie, 20:40 (GMT) 1/2/2020