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The End Of An Era
1:52 PM
hey u lil

so i wasnt gonna do one of those big goodbye paragraphs but i thought hold up i wrote like a speech when i was going on holiday for a week so why shouldnt i say bye for good

so here we go,

ok i dont wanna post this because i dont know how to say goodbye to most of you and we're all like 'ya keep in touch lols' but we all know that lots of us will just completely lose touch and never speak again so yeah


so add me on fb and kik yep

fb: /liam.antiatro
kik: michaelsayshey

Xivio's been a huge part of my life and its not just a game idc if that sounds sad. The people here have been so amazing, and like a second family. Its been part of my life for almost 6 years, and I remember making my family leave a meal early on new years eve, just so i could get home to host a game on xivio. XDD

but yeah, thank you everyone for just being so amazing, i love each and every single one of you.

peace out homescout (Y)
Au Revoir Mes Amis
12:13 PM
Hi :)
Ok so, I'm sure its not a huge surprise to you that I've quit, but I thought I might as well get it over with. I havent been coming on in ages, and it's not fair letting my position catch dust, its time for someone else to step in and be staff.

Ive had a great run, and I love every single one of you, but its time for me to move on and grow up.

Xivio has been a huge part of my entire childhood, and I'll never forget it,
nor will I forget any of you, but I spose all great things must come to an end right?

Thank you so much Bubby for putting this xivio up, and giving me the opurtunity to feel like I fit in for once.

I know you wouldn't expect it, but Xivio's really helped me in the real world. Most people become more shy after being on a virtual world, but its given me heaps of confidence.

If I can uphold a conversation with a kid on the otherside of the world, why can't I get to know someone that lives a few doors down from me?

If anyone wants to speak to me, you can kik me. My kik username is MichaelSaysHey

soya do that if you want. I might come on from time to time, who knows, tommorows a mystery.

I always planned that when I'd quit, I'd post a huge message about everyone I've ever hated, but I've grown up now, and grown with maturity. Thank you all for giving me such a great run, I would name names but you already know who you are<3

Love you all,

But its time to take a step into the real world.

My Rap.
9:47 AM
My names Liam.

omg. i just barfed [#QOTD2]
4:20 PM
Liam: do you have showers
Bubby4j: Mhm
Liam: how often
Bubby4j: At least 3 times per week
Crying ;( [QOFTD#1]
9:39 AM
Quote Of The Day #1

Liam: Bubby, go make me tea.
Bubby4j: Id never make tea for you
Liam: :O
AppleB: james
Bubby4j: ?
AppleB: will you make me some tea?
Bubby4j: Kk

2:04 PM
Mirna: my cats getting old
Bubby4j: maybe it'll die soon
Bubby4j: :D
Mirna: oh
Mirna: i thought he said
Mirna: "Maybe Ill die soon Mirna"

11:26 AM
Casually searching through every one I know's hompy to see if I'm on their friends list...
Thats not crazy right.
no its not.
im not crazy.
everyone else is crazy.
im normal ok.
12:56 PM
Because sr's too mainstream
Flanders Field<3
12:42 PM
In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly

4:41 AM
From (Supermastah) <-- come back home i miss uu