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10:11 PM

9:35 PM
Bubby4j: Hi I am Lulaluvz! I am mostly helping on my spare time going on the internet. When ever There isn't a Guardian/helper/ I am always there at the north gate. In my spare time I am at my store or Still at the north gate. My idols are: Paylee, Emma, Minipink, Chezzabelle, Gian, Dabaseballking and last but not least... PARADOX!! I will be posting The Xivian of the week on this page and also post for fun. So have a great time on xivio!! :)~xxLulaluvzxx <3
Lauren: HAHAH
Lauren: 10 year old me was so cute im cryin
Bubby4j: Xivian Of the week!
Bubby4j: The Xivian of the week on November 29, 2008 is... Paylee! She is our New Helper and she has always been there for us. She is my best buddie and I hope she likes her job and That she has won!

4:14 PM
Bubby4j: I can put my feet behind my head
Original: That's a nice Tinder bio
Bubby4j: I don't get it

7:33 PM
Bubby4j: It's called s you r r o you n d s o you n d

9:15 PM
Lauren: bubby isnt it close to ur bedtime
Bubby4j: in 45 mins

9:04 PM
Nevermind: chris meloni could top me

8:32 PM
Bubby4j: Niddles it was gonna get dry

8:30 PM
Nevermind: im v gay
Bubby4j: I'm very straight
Mary: hi gay nice to meet u
Niddles: hi straight im dad
Nevermind: hey gay im dad
Lauren: it must have been really hard to come out bubby thank u for sharing your story
Bubby4j: lol yw lauren

6:11 PM
Bubby4j: What is ouid?
Dalia: its this kind of yarn
Dalia: hard to explain
about anxiety
9:09 PM
Lauren: this feels AWFUL
Bubby4j: What does it feel like
Lauren: ok basically like
Lauren: imagine tipping in your chair rn and almost falling
Lauren: like that almost falling feeling
Bubby4j: Thats not a good feeling
Lauren: yeah imagine that not stopping lol
Bubby4j: Was it always that bad?
Bubby4j: So when you were on the mediciation what did it feel like to tip your chair back? nothing?
Lauren: ehh kinda. like it was still there but it was more like "oh i know i'll be okay"
Lauren: im still on the medication its just weaker now
Bubby4j: Interesting
Bubby4j: Perhaps we could reverse the process and make pills that feel like you're on a rollercoaster
Bubby4j: Would be so much cheaper than going to disney world
Lauren: thats called cocaine bubby