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Pr0 1nt3rv13w
1:58 PM
AppleB: you have 2 minutes to impress us- talk about why you'd like to be game host
AppleB: GO
Boog: bc it sounds like fun
Boog: and its something to do another than sitting in ng all dayy
Boog: and
Boog: idk
Boog: yeey
Boog: <_>
AppleB: is that all
Boog: yus
AppleB: ok dismissed
11:52 PM
The late Michael Jackson owned one of the E.T. puppets.
11:50 PM
From (mohamed) <-- CANT READ MY CANT READ MY
From (mohamed) <-- NO HE CANT READ MY
From (mohamed) <-- POKER ACE

Adobe: If I bring my copy
From (mohamed) <-- FACE
Mary: katie took it
Adobe: Can youi use it
From (mohamed) <-- I RUINED IT
To (mohamed) --> fail
From (mohamed) <-- DANG
To (mohamed) --> LOL

Mary: yes
Adobe: But you have to give it back
Yawn: Adobe
Yawn: Its mot yours
Adobe: Yawn
Yawn: Its game rooms
Mirna: adobe has a cd?
Mirna: o_o
From (mohamed) <-- mumumumah

4:32 PM
“We do have a lot in common.
The same air, the same Earth, the same sky.
Maybe if we started looking at
what's the same instead of
always looking at what's different,

...well, who knows?”

― Meowth
Hi :D
7:53 PM
My name is Shania and I like to be *cough* awesome *cough* sarcastic. :3
-I LOVE Pokemon. (My favorite being Snorlax. :D)
-I'm a 15 year old GIRL.
-My birthday is on Halloween. >:D
-I live in Illinois.
-I'm a YouTube addict and I especially love a lot of game commentators on there.(TheCreatures, CaptainSparklez, AshhBearr, TheYogscast, penguinz0 (Cr1TiKal), PewDiePie, RachelKip, ImmortalHD, and I could go on forever.)<3
-My favorite colors range between mint greens, baby blues, and teals.
-I wish I had a Canadian accent.
-My favorite season is Fall.
-I am super shy and quiet irl.
-I like to wear hoodies. *-*
-My Ps2 is my baby.<3
-I have no favorite genre of music.
-"Taciturn" is the best word to describe me. (Emama!<33)
-I originally joined Xivio on 1/1/09. likeaboss.
-I like GIFs... a lot.
-Lovin Supernatural. besttvshowevar
-My Tumblr is silentsnorlax c: