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7:29 PM
marissastarxo: i got banned on club penguin because i got pregnant with another penguin
11:43 PM
Supermastah: Angela have a little sheep, little sheep. angela have a little sheep as white as snow. everywhere angela went, angela went, angela went, her sheep follow her.

Supermastah: Little miss mary sat in her corner eating her scary pie, then came a little angela that sat beside her and frighten miss mary away!

Supermastah: (Angela!) If there's so****in' strange in your neighborhood Who ya gonna call?(Angela) If it's so****in' weird an' it don't look good Who ya gonna call?(Angela!)

Supermastah: Go to sleep my little mary pumpkin

Supermastah: Angela you my jell O of everyday

Supermastah: Angela you so jumpy and so soft and so mushy and so delicious

Supermastah: Mikey mikey jumping on the bed he fell down then there no more mikey
Supermastah: How much zoo would a zoe visited if a zoe could visited zoo?